The objective of the EAESP-IBRF is to enable the creation and dissemination of basic and applied scientific knowledge together with organizations interested in the topic of international business. The idea is to bring basic and applied scientific knowledge together, mediated by organizations. The Forum will work as a venue of interaction between companies, institutions, public agencies, researchers and students interested in the topic of international business.

The topic of international business encompasses company management and the aspects of its strategy, performance and institutional relations. Geographically, the focus will be Brazil and its relationships with other countries, especially emerging countries that make up the BRICs.

The subject matter of the studies will be the company and its relationship with the outside environment. The companies comprise: a) foreign multinationals established in Brazil or that want to establish themselves in the country; b) local multinational companies or companies that are beginning their internationalization process. The outside environment will be considered as it affects the companies. The main dimensions to be studied are: economic, financial, social, institutional, political and cultural. Therefore, the object of the studies promoted by the Forum will be the companies and their interactions with diverse dimensions, which are relevant in the outside environment. 

Accordingly, the object of the forum will not study economic policies, international relations or foreign trade analysis or formulations. Nevertheless, these matters will be taken into account at the several levels of analysis as they affect company strategy and organization. 

Coordinator: Prof. Rodrigo Bandeira de Mello
Vice-coordinator: Prof. Hsia Hua Sheng
Participating Faculty:
Prof. Maria Tereza Leme Fleury
Prof. Fabio Luiz Mariotto
Prof. Alvaro Bruno Cyrino
Prof. Antonio Gelis Filho