Center for Public Administration and Government Studies (CEAPG)

The Center for Public Administration and Government Studies was created in 1989 by the EAESP Executive Board to establish a new graduate philosophy in Public Administration. Its role is to act as a coalescent of School researchers involved in public matters. In 1995, the Center was invited by the Ford Foundation to create an annual award that would be granted to subnational public organizations (state, municipal, executive, legislative, judiciary powers and own organizations of indigenous peoples) that innovated in how they provided public utility services. The result was the Public Management and Citizenship Program, which, in addition to receiving and documenting the information of 8,200 subnational experiences between 1996 and 2005, all available on a public access database, began to integrate important debate networks and the dissemination of innovation in public administration on a global scale.

As from 2005, the Center began to focus its efforts on monitoring recorded experiences and also in other areas of studies that came up as result of the award. Among the areas of studies that came about after the Public Management and Citizenship Program area: local development, poverty and inequality; dissemination of innovations and application of evaluation techniques developed for the award in other public initiative matters. 

Today, in addition to individual research carried out by members, the main activities of the CEAPG are connected to the following lines of research:

- Innovations in public management and citizenship
- Local development and poverty reduction
- Public policies, gender and inequality reduction
- Transparency and social control
- Innovation dissemination and transfer
- Initiative and public policy evaluation


Marco Antônio Carvalho Teixeira - Coordinator
Mário Aquino Alves
Peter Kevin Spink
Marta Ferreira Santos Farah
Ana Cristina Braga Martes
Regina Silvia Viotto Monteiro Pacheco
Francisco Cesar P. da Fonseca
Mario Aquino Alves
Ricardo Bresler
Eduardo Henrique Diniz 

The CEAPG maintains the Technological Incubator of Popular Cooperatives (ITCP-FGV), which focuses on integrating research, teaching and the extension seeking to develop tools to reduce poverty and social exclusion within the outlook of Solidary Economy. The ITCP-FGV seeks to, by creating cooperatives, associations, developments and Solidary Networks, encourage associativism and solidary popular entrepreneurship, supporting the initiatives of job generation and income for including vulnerable groups in a privileged manner.

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